Most popular windows apps

most popular windows apps

Care to add to this list? EClicker Presenter Another presentation application, eClicker doesnt just provide standard presentation guides and tools, it also gives librarians the ability to send out questions to the audience with the click of a button. EClickerPolling System: Make great PowerPoint and Keynote presentations even more effective with an app transforming iDevices into centers for making drawings, taking polls, scrolling through slides, and other fabulous features. Slack, unlike traditional email, where smiley and emoji use is generally verboten, Slack encourages a fun and light-hearted atmosphere. This is a wonderful way for librarians to enjoy books with other languages featured throughout them, and also to share those books with children in reading programs and other events held at the library. Wikipedia : Despite its open editing structure, Wikipedia generally hosts the most accurate available information, and plenty of professors head there for research even if its a clandestine peek! Eventually I learned about the giphy" command, and I'm here to tell you that it changed my life. Good Reader, the newest Good Reader application is called Good Reader 4 and its more of an academic tool than some of the other e-reading apps on this list. Here are on-demand TV movie streaming services if you're looking for those, too. Dropbox Dropbox is a cloud app that allows you to share files between your tablet, mobile phone and computer wherever the app is installed.

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10 free PC Programs Every Gamer Should Have. If you have your Slack set to display Twitter-style emojis, but your boss has her Slack set to Apple style, anything you send her will show up in Apple's style on her screen. TeacherKit : This app serves as an educators personal assistant in many ways, keeping track of nearly everything they online casino play casino games starbrust need to stay on task, record grades and attendance, and plenty more but only for iDevice owners, unfortunately. What they might not know is that Slack actually provides users a number of color options should they want to change the look of their chat. most popular windows apps

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If you can think of any other applications that might make life as a librarian more convenient, interesting, or fun, leave a comment. Next time you see or post something you don't want to get buried, open the message actions and free online slots indian spirit select "Pin to #channel." This will place a pin in the post, and you will be able to access it any time by clicking on the push. NewsRack NewsRack is an RSS reader for global news which include crucial top stories from many countries and can be used by librarians to stay informed on an abundance of subjects. Blackboard Mobile Learn : Because so many colleges and universities provide access to Blackboard especially for its online classes it makes perfect sense that allowing easy mobile access appeals to tech-savvy educators. For Staying Up To Date On The News:.

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